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The textile proposals of our collections DEPARTURES and TRAVEL MEMORIES offer a unique range of textures and colors able to interpret different projects, an extremely valuable tool for retailers, interior designers and decorators.

DEPARTURES offers precious textures in the most popular tones. Macro textures highlight natural fibers and team perfectly with opposites such as smooth and shiny fabrics or with the softness of velvet and chenille . The masculine flair of the brand is to be found in the grisaille, pied de poule or herringbone patterns in many shades of white, natural, taupe, grey and brown for textiles that seem to belong to a man's wardrobe.

TRAVEL MEMORIES, a collection inspired by different locations around the world, introduces bold colors, patterns, feelings and memories of real and imaginary travels, stimulating personalization and creativity.

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Open Air textiles

OPEN AIR  textiles are characterized by resistance to water, sunlight and stains.
Great plains and stripes that transform outdoor spaces into other rooms to live and enjoy.

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Saddle Leather and Leathers

Luxurious soft and thick leathers are used for rich, sophisticated upholstered items with fine details, including seams inspired by saddlery.

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A wide range of materials for a highly personal style.

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Fire textiles

Flame Retardant FR fabrics are particularly suitable for a contract useThe collection offers sophisticated naturals, various shades of gray and vibrant colors.

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